Road Limits Work Start Completion Authority Traffic
84th St East Paris Ave to Patterson Ave Reconstruction 03/25/24 06/12/24 KCRC
Westgate Subdivision Westshire Dr to Westgate Dr Water Main Work 03/11/24 06/12/24 Utility Closed to All Traffic
4 Mile Rd (Eastbound) east of Cordes Avenue Sidewalk Installation 03/12/24 04/30/24 Permit-Holder Right Lane Closure
12 Mile Road Summit Ave to Northland Dr Water Main Installation 03/29/24 05/17/24 Utility
Rogue River Drive Over the Rogue River, east of Verta Dr Utility Work 04/03/24 04/12/24 Utility Lane Closures
Northland Drive (Southbound) Kuttshill to Wolverine Blvd Water Main Work 03/25/24 04/12/24 Utility Right Lane Closure
Kuttshill Drive Northland Dr to Brewer Water Main Work 04/15/24 05/20/24 Utility
18 Mile Rd Afton Ave to Red Pine Dr Crush & Shape 04/30/24 05/11/24 KCRC
60th St Eastern Ave to Kalamazoo Ave Mill and Repave 06/03/24 06/28/24 KCRC Lane Closures
84th Street Bergy to Alden Nash Ave Crush & Shape 05/20/24 06/03/24 KCRC Detour for Through Traffic
Hunsberger Ave Coit to Plainfield Ave Mill & Fill, Repave 06/17/24 06/28/24 KCRC
Leffingwell Ave Leonard St to Knapp St Mill & Fill, Repave 06/17/24 06/22/24 KCRC
West River Dr Lamoreaux Dr to Pine Island Dr Sidewalk & Curb Work 04/08/24 04/15/24 KCRC Lane Closures
State Street 12 Mile Rd to Division Ave Mill & Fill, Repave 04/29/24 05/10/24 KCRC Lane Closures
Jericho Avenue (Southbound) South of 10 Mile Rd to the bridge Non-motorized Trail 04/15/24 05/10/24 Township Right Lane Closure
Michigan Street at Katerberg VerHage Sanitary Sewer 05/04/24 05/04/24 Utility Closed
Ada Township Neighborhood and Local Streets Resurfacing 05/15/24 05/29/24 KCRC Closed
Alpine Township Neighborhood and Local Streets Resurfacing 05/14/24 06/14/24 KCRC Closed
Shaner Avenue 13 Mile Rd to 14 Mile Rd Crush & Shape 05/13/24 06/20/24 KCRC Closed
Lowell Township Neighborhood and Local Streets Resurfacing 05/13/24 05/24/24 KCRC Closed
Plainfield Township Neighborhood and Local Streets Resurfacing 06/03/24 06/14/24 KCRC Closed
Coit Ave 4 Mile Rd to Woodworth St Sidewalk Installation 05/23/24 07/03/24 KCRC Lane Closures
Eastern Ave 84th St to 76th St Mill and Repave 06/10/24 06/19/24 KCRC